Top 5 Storytelling Podcasts

I’m convinced that “do you make lists” should be it’s own question and category on all personality tests or dating sites.  Along with whether or not you like cilantro and infomercials (double yes). Please note, however, that I did not say “list COMPLETER,” just maker.

One of the nicer to-do's for the day!

One of the nicer to-do’s for the day!

Can I tell you a secret?  When I was in high school I would begin my lists with “shower” and “put on deodorant” just to start the day with a win.  While I don’t go THAT far these days, I do at times add completed tasks not originally ON the list.  Checking off pre-completed tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment, which is important when you’re a parent and spend entire days in one room, picking up the same Transformer over and over again, only to end the day



the same



So it’s safe to say that I’m a list maker, list lover and list collector. Since I’m new to this blogging world and we’re getting to know each other, I thought I’d share some top five lists, with hope that you’ll share your own:


Top five storytelling podcasts:

  1. Radio Lab Did you know New York used to sell it’s poop? Or that a kilogram doesn’t weigh a kilogram? Or the history of American Football started with Native Americans?  They’ll tell you all this and more.  I think it’s the best storytelling podcast out there.
  2. The Moth Storytellers from across the globe.  Each episode is centered around a theme and you never know if you’ll laugh or cry.
  3. The One You Feed Amazing interviews along with insight from the host that help me to better understand myself and others.  So glad I found this one.
  4. Death Sex & Money The title sums it up nicely.

**5/12/15 Update:  So my husband pointed out that This American Life isn’t on the list – such a duh moment.  Must be because TAL just goes without saying. It IS the category, like “Kleenex” has become the name for “tissue.”


Top five documentaries:

  1. Trekkies.  An oldie but goodie.  Not sure how many times I’ve seen it by now. I hear there’s a follow-up but I can’t bring myself to watch it.
  2. Waste Land
  3. Food, Inc.
  4. Restrepo
  5. Pulling John.  An arm-wrestling documentary.  Seriously. You don’t think you’ll like it, but you will.


Top five kid-things I step on:

  1. bobby pins
  2. legos
  3. legos
  4. legos
  5. transformers. More than meets the eye.

Well, my to-do list is long for a Monday.  I’ll be spending the day in “creative mode” to borrow a term from Minecraft.  Lots of painting and printing in the future.  I hope your Monday is full of creation too!



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