Save your memories

Between us friends, you miiiiight not get your baby scrapbooks finished.  And since we’re being honest, you probably won’t get around to doing anything with those precious scraps of paper used to record all the firsts and funnies.  You’re not EVEN going to get one of those photo albums to just stick the pictures in.

You’re going to put it all in a shoebox.

A decorative shoebox.

It’s ok.  Lots of us do it.  No judgement here.

Look, I’m just glad decorative shoeboxes became a “thing” because I used to scrapbook and teach scrapbooking/stamping classes and I can’t even keep up with the mountains of paper that I have amassed in an effort to save the memories.

This is one of the reasons I love making personalized stationery out of the things children say. Taking that scrap of paper, getting it out of the decorative shoebox…

celebrating it.

honoring it.

sharing it.

 I love quotes, I collect them and keep them close to me.  Chances are, wherever there’s a pen and a Subway receipt, you’ll find a partially-legible quote scrawled on the back of it.  But what I realize as I sit smack dab in the middle of life, is that it’s not always the historical figure, the New York Times best selling author or Oprah that have what we need to hear.

Sometimes it’s a neighbor.

A stranger.

A child.

This is why I’m passionate about totlosophy.  Because it’s not just personalized stationery.  It’s saving memories. It’s honoring some of the smallest among us. It reminds us that we all have something to share.

One of my favorites!

One of my favorites!

This is a quote from a friend I begged who volunteered to be one of my first “customers.” Her niece wrote a beautiful poem and this was the final line. The poem celebrates our differences and points out the thing that unites us all – LOVE.

She’s seven.  Seven, people!  Why is it that I sometimes struggle with the concept and I’ve had thirty-four more years of practice than she has?

I was honored that my friend shared this with me.  It made me smile to make them and I know her message is going to make others smile as well.

What memory do you want saved?



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