If you can’t do it right – do it anyway. AKA lessons I’m still learning.

if you cant do it rightHello friends!  So, I haven’t posted for two WHOLE weeks.  A super no-no in the blogging world, but the bigger fail is the REASON I didn’t blog.

 I was too busy listening to my fraudy, self-doubting feelings.  The more open I am about them, the more I find I’m not alone.  It doesn’t help me conquer those doubts though!

I guess I thought I’d start … Read the rest

It’s Time for Summer Survival Mode

Are you outnumbered once summer rolls around? I know I am.

I’m happy to throw the schedule to the wind and not worry about what theme the kids have to dress for on a particular day.  I’m relieved to not find out there’s a science project due the night before the science project is due.  But there is one tiny downside…

…the hours of 8:30am … Read the rest

Just Keep Flying


I’ve professed my love of story-telling podcasts before and This American Life is certainly the grandfather of them all.

The episode, “Need to Know Basis,” didn’t disappoint and really stuck with me. Act two is one of several episodes that deal with college drop out rates and what it takes to succeed. The US has a particularly high college drop-out rate, especially in community colleges. … Read the rest

Save your memories

Between us friends, you miiiiight not get your baby scrapbooks finished.  And since we’re being honest, you probably won’t get around to doing anything with those precious scraps of paper used to record all the firsts and funnies.  You’re not EVEN going to get one of those photo albums to just stick the pictures in.

You’re going to put it all in a shoebox.

A … Read the rest


You know what’s little and goes a long way?  No, not legos on the floor, but that’s an acceptable answer.


Yep, kindness.  And it’s free too!

Recently, I read Whitney Hitt’s blog post about how kindness can be practiced on-line, both within the blogging community and in our relationships with the blogs we read. (I “know” Whitney because we’re both members of an amazing … Read the rest

The Words that Started it All

I’ve got a thinker, everybody.  She took Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” with her on the bus – kind of thinker.  Let me be clear, she is a normal, messy-room, won’t brush her hair, music/Harry Potter loving, pre-teen in every other way.


But when you ask for her opinion on books, history, politics, friendship, just about anything – she’ll tell you things that … Read the rest

Top 5 Storytelling Podcasts

I’m convinced that “do you make lists” should be it’s own question and category on all personality tests or dating sites.  Along with whether or not you like cilantro and infomercials (double yes). Please note, however, that I did not say “list COMPLETER,” just maker.

Can I tell you a secret?  When I was in high school I would begin my lists with “shower” and … Read the rest

You’re In the Tribe!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and the older I get, the less this day is a Hallmark Holiday, and the more it becomes a “realization that my mother was right more often than not” day.

As I gain experience in my own mothering journey and watch my tribe do the same, the day has also become a reminder that beauty and sorrow can be … Read the rest

Are you on an adventure?

Copy of Just Keep FlyingI love love love podcasts.

I devour them.

There is NEVER an episode of This American Life that my husband has listened to first. He just can’t do it. And I think it’s adorable when people ask me NOW, in May 2015, if I’ve “heard of Serial.” I have heard it, developed my own theory, watched the SNL parody and followed the reddit train all … Read the rest