You’re In the Tribe!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and the older I get, the less this day is a Hallmark Holiday, and the more it becomes a “realization that my mother was right more often than not” day.

As I gain experience in my own mothering journey and watch my tribe do the same, the day has also become a reminder that beauty and sorrow can be experienced simultaneously.  “Brutiful” is how Glennen Doyle Melton refers to it.  And oh how brutiful it can be.

On mothers day my heart is full and broken, content and destroyed, all that it can be yet completely inadequate.  There’s room for everything. And there’s room for everyone, so keep Glennon’s message in mind and smile at every woman you cross paths with, because we’re all in the tribe together


I’ll leave you with the words of a new foster mom…

our family is SO BLESSED by our community.

And a mom who is mourning…

it’s a BITTERSWEET day that I’ll spend trying to do some life-giving things.

And the words of a new mom on the path to adoption…

You are LOVED more than you know.


Now what is your message to the tribe?

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