You know what’s little and goes a long way?  No, not legos on the floor, but that’s an acceptable answer.


Yep, kindness.  And it’s free too!

Recently, I read Whitney Hitt’s blog post about how kindness can be practiced on-line, both within the blogging community and in our relationships with the blogs we read. (I “know” Whitney because we’re both members of an amazing group, The Badass Solopreneur Society, that personifies kindness on-line, but that’s another story.)

I jokingly commented about how I would turn kindness into a blog post and link it back to her. But it genuinely got me thinking about being kind on-line and if there is a characteristic that kind-bloggers share.

At only five posts in, I believe I’ve already found the answer to this question, along with the type of tribe that I strive to belong to: kind, generous, supportive bloggers and entrepreneurs, who believe that…

Quote attributed to our very own JFK.

Quote by our very own JFK. I found this image by Mitchell Schade over at


It comes down to a belief in abundance, rather than scarcity.

Of course, you’ll find these people in the “real world” too.

They know that success and happiness are not a commodity with a finite supply

They know that greatness multiplies, it doesn’t subtract

They believe that sharing what we have, can in turn multiply it

Wait what?  That’s crazy-math!  Anyway.

I have battled with scarcity for as long as I can remember.  Before I even knew how to define it, scarcity ruled the day.  The general feeling of dread that creeps in and infects our happiness when we think it can’t possibly continue to be this good. That our lives are hanging on a scale and something must be taken away in order to balance what we’ve been given.

This is a free download on her site and is just one of many amazing things she shares.

This is a free 8×10 download available on her site and is just one of many amazing things she shares.

This brings me to my bff Brene Brown.  (Well, she hasn’t actually been informed of that yet.)

Chapter One of her book Daring Greatly, introduced me to the term scarcity and helped me better understand my “waiting for the other shoe to drop” mentality, as well as my own fear of success and abundance.  It also helped me recognize when scarcity is driving someone else’s actions, which in turn allows me to be more understanding.

Her message that we are each “enough” is a very powerful one. It leads us to not only be kind to others but more importantly, to ourselves.

As it relates to being kind on-line, it reminds us that we don’t need others to fail in order to be successful.

(Here is her very own post about shouting from the rooftops about the things she loves and promoting the work of others.)

So watch out for scarcity creeping into your thoughts and reject it! Find an opportunity to be kind on-line and do it! Let kindness guide you and and let’s see where it can take us.

I’ll bet it takes us to a boat…on a rising tide.



  1. Whitney says:

    Diane! You NAILED it! How beautiful is this?

    The scarcity mentality is such a subconscious thing. I mean, unless people are told about it, they most often have no idea they’re living with it.

    Which is why this post rocks my socks…it’s so enlightening!

    I look at kindness among peers in our industry and within the blogosphere as: we are teaching others how we wish to be treated. We’ll almost always get back what we put out there, at least to some degree. Which is why you’re spot on. Generosity multiplies.

    I gotta shut up now. In summary, I LOVE this and I’m off to share it with my friends. Lots of love for the shout-out, Diane. Pretty dang kind of ya!


    • Sonrisa1 says:

      Thank you so much. Generosity multiplies – love it when a simple sentence conveys so much! And thanks for the share!

  2. Aileen says:

    Can I be second in line for your BFF is Brene backs out? I LOVE this and share your waiting for the other shoe to drop mentality. One of my deepest prayers as a mother is to instill this idea in my children. But I must first learn to do it myself!!! Great post, beautiful writing.

    • Sonrisa1 says:

      Always! And thank you so much for the kind words. You’re right, the hardest work is often times the things that we need to recognize in ourselves. The whole, “do as I say, not as I do” parenting style definitely applies to me and the scarcity mentality. All we can do is keep learning and putting one foot in front of the other.

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