Kids: Kitchen Addition

kids kitchen editionDo kids does everyone gravitate to your kitchen?

When you have a party, do grown men and women huddle around the seven layer dip like their life depends on it?

Do friends as old as time remain glued to your kitchen island although comfortable couches are calling your names?

If you so much as TRY to microwave a cup of coffee, do your children, pets and significant other all suddenly appear in that same square foot of space?

My friends, we are all in this boat together.

The kitchen is where it’s at!

It really is the heart of the home.

(although i’ll bet if I stored fruit snacks in the garage, that would quickly surpass the kitchen as the most popular place.)

Keep in mind, this has NOTHING to do with whether or not you can cook. Two totally separate things.

The gravitational pull of the kitchen applies equally to the following types of people:

_Toasting a Pop-tart is baking. How fabulous does the house smell!  It’s HARD WORK to get those things out when they’re so hot!

_It’s reasonable to run out and buy never before heard of ingredients to whip up a little something from Ina Garten’s latest garden party episode. (Poor Jeffrey)

The kitchen is a great equalizer!

No matter the size of your kitchen, the material of the countertops, or even the amount of food…

people gather to share meals.

Food just tastes better with company! (sometimes food IS is my company but that’s another matter altogether)

Wouldn’t your friends have JUST as good a time if you had a bag of pretzel M&M’s as they would a homemade flourless chocolate cake?

Would your children and their friends laugh just as much if the pizza was from Papa John’s?


And that’s how I feel about my kitchen.

Cue to last week when I was over at a friends while she showed my nine-year-old on a map, the best routes to run and avoid dogs, cars and jerks.

I was hanging in the kitchen with her three year old who was waiting in a ridiculously patient manner to make some blueberry muffins. (See, anyone can bond over food.)

She was sitting there with the bowl, the box and the muffin tin that she had put all the papers in and  I asked her how she was going to make those muffins.

And get ready for your recommended daily allowances of CUTE.

Because instead of a “hard c” sound, she uses a “t.”

As in, you’ve gotta “took” those muffins in the “tooker.”


All “tooked”!

Now when we were tooking, she was actually 2 and 7/8, so that little interaction inspired me and I went home and started painting muffins.

Now you know the story behind the most recent wall art addition over at Etsy! What directions would your kiddos give you?

Art for your kitchen!

Art for your kitchen!

On her birthday a few days later, I gave this to her mama so she could remember that patient day in the kitchen, when she was teaching my daughter and I was learning from hers!



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