It’s a New Everything

Happy New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve has been a favorite as far back as I can remember.  Even when I was young and spent the holiday babysitting, I would sit with my young charges and we would make lists of resolutions together. Let me tell you, it wasn’t any less exciting for me because I was the “grown up.” I wish I’d saved one … Read the rest

The gift of you being you.

It’s my second most favorite time of year everyone!  Coming in at #2 just after Autumn, it’s….

“2/3 of my children returned to school week!” YEAH!

Sure, I’m happy because there’s a significant reduction in the amount of times I say things like, “you can’t be bored” or “who ate all the ____.”

The primary source of my joy though, is the return of some … Read the rest

You’ve got a friend

I had the opportunity of a lifetime this weekend:

  • to dance and be a nut-ball without judgement
  • to laugh at everything
  • to go to the bathroom alone

Yes, my friends and I had a girls weekend.

What a weekend it was!  Planes, trains and automobiles with flights from both coasts and a three and a half hour car trip from Chicago before these ladies arrived … Read the rest

If you can’t do it right – do it anyway. AKA lessons I’m still learning.

if you cant do it rightHello friends!  So, I haven’t posted for two WHOLE weeks.  A super no-no in the blogging world, but the bigger fail is the REASON I didn’t blog.

 I was too busy listening to my fraudy, self-doubting feelings.  The more open I am about them, the more I find I’m not alone.  It doesn’t help me conquer those doubts though!

I guess I thought I’d start … Read the rest


You know what’s little and goes a long way?  No, not legos on the floor, but that’s an acceptable answer.


Yep, kindness.  And it’s free too!

Recently, I read Whitney Hitt’s blog post about how kindness can be practiced on-line, both within the blogging community and in our relationships with the blogs we read. (I “know” Whitney because we’re both members of an amazing … Read the rest