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find something new to loveGood morning, friends! I had to spend a few days minutes learning how to insert a tiny bit of code into my blog, so that I could do this: 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ta Dah! No really, click on that cute little link and follow me over at Bloglovin, because holy smokes friends!

Bloglovin is like PINTEREST for BLOGS.

Who knew?  I didn’t. Have you been keeping this from me?

Like anything Pinterest-related, I started out with good enough intentions and three hours later I’m looking at DIY crafts for cats.

Did I mention I don’t have a cat?

Couldn’t even have a cat if I WANTED to. Allergic.

Do you have a cat?  Then by all means, it will make sense for YOU to be reading about how to make them tiny little felt hamburger toys.

This is what is so crazy and amazing about Pinterest and Bloglovin’ specifically and the internet in general.  Cramazing. You can fall in love with things you didn’t know were waiting for your love! Just a day ago, I had never heard of Handmade Charlotte and fast forward 24 hours, I must have it in my life! Because Handmade Charlotte is like the Pinterest of Pinterest for DIY crafts and recipes…

See how this is spiraling.

Did you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Don't eat me! I'm too cute!

I rest easier knowing that somewhere in the world, somebody is making fun-sized, Twix Weiner dog cupcake toppers. As long as it’s not me.

But as quickly as you can find something that makes you feel like the anti-Martha Stewart, you’ll find something like these amazing, free printable coloring place mats and the balance is restored to your crafting world.

Do you love printables as much as I do?

Do you love printables as much as I do? I found these over at Handmade Charlotte and it will be especially fun for my daughter who dreams of learning French.

Because I can print people.  I can print like nobody’s business.

“Oh, these ole’ things? Yes, these are hand-drawn placemats I found on-line. No, it’s not English.  We’re teaching our children French this summer…”

Me: I lost my phone, can you help me find it. 9yo: where were you last? Me: Laundry room 9yo: you should probably buy a new phone.


No, that’s not right.  That’s using Pinterest for evil.  We’re kind.

We use our Pinterest powers for good.

We let people into the real mess of our lives.

No one should leave our homes and feel worse about themselves.

So, if anyone says a word about how clean (ha) or nice ANYTHING looks, I make sure they see my laundry room before they leave. Not sure I’d have done that six years ago, because I wanted people to think I had it together.

Because as I type, this picture is an accurate representation of what it looks like…ON A GOOD DAY.


Really, my laundry room confession is the message behind hashtags like #nailedit and #pinterestfail.  Pinterst may be nice to drool over, but it isn’t an accurate look at life.  I mean, I have a messy laundry room at home, why would I want to see more of them on-line?  We want to be inspired, motivated, taken away to a laundry fantasy land…

And it takes very talented people a lot of work to make their projects, plates of food, laundry rooms and Twix weiner-dogs look their best.

I promise.

So, checkout Bloglovin’ and see where it takes you!

The fabulous Mrs. Smyth!

The fabulous Mrs. Smyth! You KNOW anyone who lets their children draw on their face is good people.

Find a new blogger that speaks your language.  I’ll start by recommending the lovely lady to my left.

Find people online (and in real life, ahem) who are vulnerable enough to show you how to fold your napkins into swans while tagging a pic or two with #swannapkinfails.

Find something new to love today friends.

Whatever it is, come back and tell us about it, so we can fall in love too!

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