About totlosophy

Hi, I’m Diane! I have three tiny philosophers at home and while most of their musings are about snacks, school bus injustices, others can be so profound I’ve got to write them down.

Picture of family

Look! We all have our eyes open!

A lifetime ago, I made scrapbooks and cards, so when the kids say something particularly funny, my husband and I will joke about “putting that on a card.” One day it wasn’t a joke anymore and the stationery company, totlosophy, was born!

I’ve always been a quote collector and do use quotes to make some of my stationery and wall art.  However, what sets totlosophy apart, is the belief that the people in our lives, children especially, are story tellers in their own right.  By turning these types of quotes into art, we give them the importance they deserve.

So, I keep my ears open to catch what kids are saying about the world around them and I invite others to do the same.  Kids see the world in such clear and clever ways; it’s a privilege to put their thoughts onto paper and turn them into something that can be shared with others.

When I’m not packing lunches or playing with watercolors, I love coffee, concert-going, binge-watching Netflix, or reading a good book under a cranked-up electric blanket.

Head on over to the shop and see what I can make for you!

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