7 Secrets to Getting it All Done this Holiday

“I don’t know how you do it all?”

It’s meant to be a compliment…I think.

You. are. doing. it. all. and it implies you’re doing it well.  Right?

Because if you were a straight-up mess, the alternate phrase you would hear is,

“maybe you’re trying to do too much”

I’ve heard both.  The first phrase comes in a soft voice with a slight head shake and sigh.  The second phrase comes with an eye-squint, head TILT in an apologetic tone

Can you guess which one I like hearing more?  Door #1 for sure. We can be the martyr, the Pinterest-queen and woman of the year all in one move. Oh yeah!

I’m going to be honest with you though, I am a card carrying member of the “maybe you’re trying to do too much” group.  I like to have my hands in everything and everything has about 45% of my attention. Have you heard of the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? It’s secretly how I feel when I have a lot going on.  Over the holidays, there are A LOT of people keeping me company in this category!  But not this year, this year’s going to be different.  This year, I am an “I don’t know how you do it all” type of lady.

And, well, I’m a sharer – a giver – a friend! I won’t keep these secrets to myself.

The Top Seven Secrets to Getting it All Done Over the Holiday

I had this gem of an exchange with my daughter:I lost my phone (again) this morning and asked my 9yo to help me find it. 9yo: where were you last? Me: Laundry room 9yo: you should probably buy a new phone.

My actual laundry room.

7. Immediately cease doing laundry.  Look, kids want to wear the same shirt over and over.  Just let them.  And the only person who remembers what YOU wore last Tuesday IS YOU, so put on that pair of ripped boyfriend jeans one. more. time. On a more serious note, wash and fold laundry services in my neck of the woods are about $2.50 per 15lbs of laundry. Pull out that tip in an emergency.

english_lavender_flowers-product_1x-14090636566. Buy some Lavender Essential Oil to make your home smell like there’s a bouquet of fresh flowers tucked away somewhere. It will also mask any smell of mold coming from your laundry room.  My long-time favorite source for essential oils as been Mountain Rose Herbs.  Have you heard of them?  The product is amazing – and remember you only use a little! (this one is an affiliate link through super-cool artist Peter Beckley‘s blog.)

You’ll be amazed by how much you’ve signed up for over the years.

5. Stop opening your email.  I mean it! Just glance at the top 40 unread emails in your in-box to “get the gist.” Sure, there will be times when you were unaware that someone should have worn camouflage to school or bring those damn Campbell’s labels in. It’s alright.

If you had taken the time to help them pick out what to wear for Spirit Week, they wouldn’t have worn it anyway! By missing Spirit Week, you did your child AND you a favor.  And most of those Campbell’s labels you’ve been saving over the year are probably expired.

For real though, head over to unroll.me for the gift of a lifetime as it quickly un-enrolls you from years of forgotten newsletter and promotional signups! Your anxiety level will decrease as your unopened emails go from 7,652 to 20.

4. Ask for help.  From everyone.  Friends, family, mail carrier, your children, the neighbors dog.  They will surprise you by rising to the occasion! Well, not the dog.  Animals will remain terrible cooks. Speaking of cooking…

3. Papa John’s.  Better Pizza, Better Ingredients.  Look at it as a chance to TIP BIG! Make it an activity on your advent calendar.  Yeah, I just turned it into an advent calendar activity.  See how I did that?

2. “I’d like a kids happy meal for a boy with nuggets, apple dippers and a white milk.”  I both understand the health risks of eating at McDonalds and have yet to be able to avoid the sirens call of food I did not have to prepare.

and the number one secret to doing it all…

Awesome elves by Rachel White.

Awesome elves by Rachel White.


It’s ok!  NO ONE IS doing it all.


Even Santa’s got elves! So, lets all take a deep breath and offer understanding and acceptance to those among us who have expired Campbell’s labels and a mildewy-lavender laundry room.

I’m They’re doing their best.




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