Just Keep Flying


I’ve professed my love of story-telling podcasts before and This American Life is certainly the grandfather of them all.

The episode, “Need to Know Basis,” didn’t disappoint and really stuck with me. Act two is one of several episodes that deal with college drop out rates and what it takes to succeed. The US has a particularly high college drop-out rate, especially in community colleges. … Read the rest

The Words that Started it All

I’ve got a thinker, everybody.  She took Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” with her on the bus – kind of thinker.  Let me be clear, she is a normal, messy-room, won’t brush her hair, music/Harry Potter loving, pre-teen in every other way.


But when you ask for her opinion on books, history, politics, friendship, just about anything – she’ll tell you things that … Read the rest

Are you on an adventure?

Copy of Just Keep FlyingI love love love podcasts.

I devour them.

There is NEVER an episode of This American Life that my husband has listened to first. He just can’t do it. And I think it’s adorable when people ask me NOW, in May 2015, if I’ve “heard of Serial.” I have heard it, developed my own theory, watched the SNL parody and followed the reddit train all … Read the rest