It’s a New Everything

Happy New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve has been a favorite as far back as I can remember.  Even when I was young and spent the holiday babysitting, I would sit with my young charges and we would make lists of resolutions together. Let me tell you, it wasn’t any less exciting for me because I was the “grown up.” I wish I’d saved one … Read the rest

The gift of you being you.

It’s my second most favorite time of year everyone!  Coming in at #2 just after Autumn, it’s….

“2/3 of my children returned to school week!” YEAH!

Sure, I’m happy because there’s a significant reduction in the amount of times I say things like, “you can’t be bored” or “who ate all the ____.”

The primary source of my joy though, is the return of some … Read the rest

You’ve got a friend

Brand spankin' new graphics from the talented Cara Chace!

Brand spankin’ new graphics from the talented Cara Chace!

I had the opportunity of a lifetime this weekend:

  • to dance and be a nut-ball without judgement
  • to laugh at everything
  • to go to the bathroom alone

Yes, my friends and I had a girls weekend.

What a weekend it was!  Planes, trains and automobiles with flights from both coasts and a three and a … Read the rest

If you can’t do it right – do it anyway. AKA lessons I’m still learning.

if you cant do it rightHello friends!  So, I haven’t posted for two WHOLE weeks.  A super no-no in the blogging world, but the bigger fail is the REASON I didn’t blog.

 I was too busy listening to my fraudy, self-doubting feelings.  The more open I am about them, the more I find I’m not alone.  It doesn’t help me conquer those doubts though!

I guess I thought I’d start … Read the rest

Just Keep Flying


I’ve professed my love of story-telling podcasts before and This American Life is certainly the grandfather of them all.

The episode, “Need to Know Basis,” didn’t disappoint and really stuck with me. Act two is one of several episodes that deal with college drop out rates and what it takes to succeed. The US has a particularly high college drop-out rate, especially in community colleges. … Read the rest


You know what’s little and goes a long way?  No, not legos on the floor, but that’s an acceptable answer.


Yep, kindness.  And it’s free too!

Recently, I read Whitney Hitt’s blog post about how kindness can be practiced on-line, both within the blogging community and in our relationships with the blogs we read. (I “know” Whitney because we’re both members of an amazing … Read the rest